While at one of the July Night Markets, I noticed the Highmark building colors. I hadn't seen this color scheme before. I asked around to the other vendors and they said the same. My favorite color is blue and my second favorite color is green. I kept being drawn out of my booth to go look at it. I don't bring my camera to shows but I really wanted to photograph the beautiful color combination.

Night Market shows are long days for me and Jon. We pack up the car at 2pm, head downtown, set up, and then we don't arrive home until 11:15pm. Despite this fact, Jon was a champ and agreed to drive back downtown after we unloaded everything for the show. These images were shot around midnight. Boy was I tired!

When purchasing photos, please note that Metal Prints are highly recommended. They are printed on a sheet of aluminum, provide a high-gloss, brilliant finish and don't need to be framed! Metal prints are located under wall art (not paper prints) when purchasing photos.

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