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Dreaming of Banff

If it were not for my awesome friend Angela- this photo would not exist. We had six nights in and around Banff at the end of September and I had hoped to capitalize on several of them to photograph the Milky Way. The snow and cloudy nights had other ideas. I think the universe knew how exhausted I was from the year so far and it was forcing me to take a much needed break.

On our last night, the weather looked promising. However, when I went to check in to our flights for the next day- our flight did not seem to exist anymore. After an hour with customer service - and a very grumpy Megan- we had secured new flights. Still agitated from the less than ideal customer service- I was in no mood to go out.

Angela, who has known me now for over 17 years- convinced me to go out and at least try- that I would be upset with myself later if I didn’t at least try to go out. She was right- as she always is 🙂 Due to the call about flights- we had lost our scouting time and with the light rapidly fading- we somehow managed to find this spot before the sunset. A giant thank you to Angela for getting me out for a perfect Milky Way shooting night!

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